Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sea Turtles Underwater

This week we finished an art project using oil pastel and watercolor paint. Check out our work below! We were very proud of the finished product. I love how all of our turtles turned out so unique.


Anonymous said...

I really like then

Anonymous said...

callie i love thsoe sea turtles rely pretty colors

Anonymous said...

Hello! I just love your turtles! They look like they could swim right over to our school!
My name is Marg Grosfield. I teach grades three and four in Duchess, Alberta! Here's a link to our class blog.
I am trying to organize a Candian postcard exchange. I am hoping to find other interested classes. All you'd need are some postcards ( bought or hand made) add a bit of information about your school and village/ city or even your province and send them off. Then you just wait for mail to arrive! It will be so exciting!
Good work on your blog grade three!
Mrs. Grosfield