Thursday, August 29, 2013

Improving the Quality of Life of Those Around The World

Today we learned about Kiva, the micro-loaning institution that Milk River Elementary has been involved with for the last few years. It is the Grade 3 "job" to choose people from around the world to loan money to. This money is used to help them build their businesses, have safe homes, and go to university, college, or even primary and secondary school.
Today we loaned to two different women in war-torn countries. The Grade Threes wanted to help people who were living in countries that were going through difficult times. Here is some information on the two people they chose.

Jariatu is 26 years old  and is married with two children. They live in Sierra Leone. She has a food business and required a loan to purchase rice, seasoning and palm oil. She hoped that this would expand her business and increase her family's quality of life.

Tenneh lives in Liberia. She is 28 years old, and is also married with two children. Tenneh sells charcoal after she learned the business from her friends. She wants to use her extra income to build and a home and educate her children.

If you would like to learn more about Kiva, just go to!

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