Thursday, November 3, 2011

Going Wild with Mrs. Gamble!

Mrs. Gamble is a real sport. She will do anything to keep our students reading at home! This year our theme is Get Wild About Reading, and Mrs. Gamble is taking it seriously.
The top readers from each class were given a reward this week. Two lovely ladies in Grade Three gave Mrs. Gamble a real "wild" hairstyle yesterday! Here's a peek at their work - maybe they have a future career planned???

Today, Mrs. Gamble took a real plunge! She will be donating her hair to Locks of Love, a charity that provide wigs for cancer patients. For her big hair cut, she let the top reader in each class cut off a chunk of her hair. Now that was a fun assembly!

This guy was really worried about the abilities of Mrs. Gamble's stylists!

But they did a pretty good job!
Halloween came and went on Monday. Phew, it was a busy day filled with lots of fun and really great costumes. Here's a few photos to check out!

Have you ever thought about (I mean REALLY thought about it) the one thing you do better than other people? It isn't that easy a question. It turns out that people are often too shy to brag about themselves - when I thought about this question, I really struggled to come up with something. I could think of a billion different things my friends, family or students are amazing at, but not one for me!
Then it hit me.
Tomato sauce.
I am soooo good at making tomato sauce. I don't have a recipe. I just throw whatever I feel like in the pot. It always turns out great! I have never claimed to be a chef - I am pretty much an awful cook, but my tomato sauce is really, really tasty. The smell of all the ingredients bubbling on the stove is one of my favourite scents. I don't even mind scrubbing the little splashes of sauce off the burner later! Sometimes, when I am really curious about what it will taste like, I will grab a spoon and give it a slurp. It never fails - I always burn my mouth. I guess that's the price you pay when you are a GREAT tomato sauce chef!

What is your special talent? What is that one thing you do really well? Describe it using lots of details in a comment. I am excited to learn - maybe we can trade skills!