Saturday, February 27, 2010

Your wish is my command!

I have been getting some grief from some lovely children saying that they would like some new games to play to practice their multiplication and division facts. Since my life revolves around you (at times this is how it feels), here's what you asked for!









Thursday, February 25, 2010

division, division, division...

Hi there. You guys have been doing great in our division unit. I have already seen lots of awesome improvement!
Please solve the problems below by responding in a comment. Don't forget to sign your first name or initials.

1. There were 420 students playing in an Olympic tournament. They were separated into 6 equal teams. How many students were on each team?

2. Explain why most people think that calculating 630 divided by 9 is easier than calculating 600 divided by 9.

After you are finished, you can play the Practice, Practice, Practice links.
Have a great day!